Grandma’s Original Molasses

Concentrated sugarcane juice that has had no sugar removed, making it sweet and light. Grandma’s Original Molasses is a perfect amber color that blends flawlessly with other ingredients and enhances flavors. It’s  essential in baked goods (gingerbreads, cookies, pies, cakes) and glazes.

The Process – Grandma’s Original Molasses is created by the manufacturing of raw sugar, where the juices are boiled to extract sugar after the cane has been harvested and mashed.




Unsulfured Molasses


  • RH From BG Foods

    We absolutely still carry the 24-ounce jar! Our page at will show you what stores in your area carry our brand. If online purchasing is for you visit the Grandma’s Molasses brand at

    • Wayne Carpenter

      The only stores listed on your Website that are in my area only have the tiny bottle. The large bottle is prohibitively expensive to buy online since you have a minimum order of two bottles, a handling charge, and a shipping charge listed as TBD.

      • RH From BG Foods

        We’re sorry that you are unable to find the larger bottle at your local stores. It maybe worth a try to ask the store manager to order the larger bottle and keep it in stock. It’s worth a shot!

  • RH From BG Foods

    Grandma’s and black strap molasses are not quite the same. Because of variants in the boiling process, molasses can be produced in several varieties. Our FAQ section for molasses found here, is sure to be helpful in determining which molasses will work best for your recipe.

  • Ms Jane Doe

    Does Grandmas contain copper?

    • RH From BG Foods

      At Grandma’s Molasses, we are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to help you make informed choices about your foods. Contact us at to talk specifics on ingredients!

  • John V. Karavitis

    Just made my first bread this evening, a rye bread mix from Bob’s Red Mill. I put in two tablespoons of molasses. Beautiful color and taste to the bread. Thank you, Grandma!

    • RH From BG Foods

      Wonderful! That sounds delicious. Sounds like you’re on your way to being an amazing bread maker.